Sweet Potato Pizza Toast (Gluten Free)

Sweet potato slices stand in for crust in this twist on sweet potato toast! Roasted, topped with sauce, cheese and spices and then broiled to gooey, cheesy perfection, this is the perfect healthy and gluten free alternative to pizza.

Sweet Potato Pizza Toast.png


...oh, it was me? Haha. Ignore me. I get excited when things involve cheese. SORRY FRIENDS.

Let's talk about sweet potato toast! Now, this is nothing new. Good ol' SP has been getting toasty since the beginning of 2017, when some genius decided to slice one up, throw it into a toaster and use it as a more nutrient-rich base for traditional toast toppings. Like avocado. And hummus! Both of which I made riiiight here. And they were deLISH.


Then, we continued to evolve. Pizza crust was replaced by cauliflower for the low-carb and gluten free crowds. Which is cool, but like... pizza? You ok, dude? How far can cauliflower go?!


So, I decided to... contribute to this problem by combining Sweet Potato Toast and Pizza. CLASSIC JESSE, RUINING EVERYTHING. I kid! I made everything better! You see, now that we've replaced the carb-heavy crust with the nutritious paradise that is a slice of sweet potato, you can just rainnnn on the cheese. So much cheese. Never too much. Keep the cheese coming.

Oh, something that may be different from other sweet potato toast recipes you see? I like to roast my sweet potato slices in the oven, rather than pop them in the toaster like bread. The reason for this is that my kitchen and all appliances inside it are incredibly old. I'm talking, I set off the smoke alarm boiling water old. So, I'm afraid I'll set the kitchen on fire. If you are more secure in your toasting abilities, you can absolutely use a toaster! Power to you! Please let me move in!

Ok y'all, let's make some pizza, shall we?

Sweet Potato Pizza Toast


We're kicking the recipe off by slicing a sweet potato lengthwise. Some days you win some, some days you break a cutting board while trying to cut butternut squash for a recipe that doesn't even make it onto the blog. It happens. Anyway, you'll want to cut the ends of the sweet potato very thinly and discard them so you don't get a piece that's ALL peel. Unless you're into that. I don't know your life.

Roast your sweet potatoes at 400F on a foil-lined baking sheet until fork tender - I like to do 10 minutes on one side, then 5 minutes on the other. Spread the sauce over each slice, then add the cheese.


Turn the oven up to a broil, and return the sweet potatoes to the oven for about 5 minutes, until the cheese is melty and browned. YUM. Remove, sprinkle with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning, and serve! How's a 20-minute pizza recipe for ya?

Sweet Potato Pizza Toast

And there you have it! A healthy, gluten free, vitamin-A packed pizza snack. 

Not that anything could replace pizza. That would be sacrilege. "GIVE ME PIZZERIA PARADISO OR GIVE ME DEATH!" - Patrick Henry, probably.