Superfruit Baked Brie with Honey

Superfruit Baked Brie with Honey

Creamy brie is topped with a tart, mixed berry jam, wrapped in buttery puff pastry, and topped with honey before being baked to golden-brown, gooey perfection. The perfect easy party appetizer!

Hello! You may be wondering why I have gathered you all here today. Wondering why you're here, and why that girl in the super cute open-shoulder top is here (seriously grl where is that from?!), and you're definitely wondering why no one brought donuts.

That's Karen's fault. Karen, you fucked up.


Anyway, I've gathered you all here today to change. your. life.

Big words? Yep. But I'm telling the truth, guys. I'm going to teach you how to take some cheese - a decidedly perfect food, all on its own - and make it better. All with only 4 ingredients and, like, 20 minutes.

Yes, I will be signing autographs after the show. No, I will not sign your FACE, Karen, what the hell are you thinking?!?!


Last night, when I went to Trader Joe's to gather the ingredients for this recipe (and a few other Wednesday night essentials), I had a bit of an awkward run-in with the cashier. Let's call him Chadwick Nevins Hamilton III.

Chadwick: Wow, that sure is a lot of cheese and wine you have there! Are you throwing a party?
Chaddy Daddy:
Chaddy Daddy:

Judge me all you want, CHADWICK, at least I have a name that doesn't sound like I own four Palomino horses and live in a castle and am the heir to the royal throne.

All of that sounds just terrible.

This picture is incredibly awkward.

This picture is incredibly awkward.

I am, however, GOING to a party! And, my mama taught me to always date men who make me laughnever tell dad anything bring something to the party so that the host owes me a favor down the line! Thanks Ma.


If you bring this baked brie to a party, EVERYONE will want to be your friend. Everyone. And who doesn't love making new friends?!

Superfruit Baked Brie with Honey


To make this dish, you will only need 4 ingredients!
- Brie (I used a triangle, but use whatever shape you want/is cheapest!)
- Jam of your choice (but, if you want to get yo' antioxidants on, I recommend this superfruit jam from Trader Joe's!)
- 1 package crescent dough
- Honey, for drizzling

First, you'll preheat your oven to 400F. Then, line a baking sheet with foil and SPRAY THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF IT. Seriously, I used like 4 cans of Pam and my baked brie STILL stuck. Hence the beautiful foil background in each of my pictures :)


Next, roll out your crescent dough and strategize your plan of attack. How do you wrap a triangle of cheese using two long rectangles? Some ideas:
- Origami!
- Magic!!
- Cut the brie into a more manageable shape!


As you can see above, I chose the last strategy, and it worked out great! Yay for little exclamation point shaped thingy of brie. Extra yay for the cheese scraps that I ate alongside red wine. So much cheese, so much happiness.


Next up, you'll layer on the jam...


...and then wrap your cheese up in the dough like a little brie-rrito. Try to cover it completely, so you don't lose any cheesy goodness! A drizzle of honey, and maybe a sprinkling of brown sugar, is the perfect finishing touch.

Pop your brie into the oven for 20-25 minutes, until gooey and golden brown and delicious, like so:


Then, dig in! Preferably with crackers, but a fork or your mouth directly are also both acceptable. I mean... it's baked cheese. You really can't go wrong.

Make your mom proud, and bring this to a party. Trust me, you'll be the most popular person there!