Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Spiced apples and homemade salted caramel combine to create a delicious pie filling that's perfect for fall. Stacked high inside an all-butter pie crust, this is the perfect dessert to impress a crowd!


As a wise man once said, "there's nothing more American than apple pie."

While I don't disagree with this statement, per se, I can think of a few things that are slightly more representative of this great nation:
- Whacking someone else over the head with a coupon book the day after Thanksgiving in your quest for a discounted toaster oven (it has NINE heat settings! NINE!)
- A pack of 124 pre-formed hamburger patties from Costco, most commonly purchased by frat bros wearing "suns out guns out" muscle tanks because #gainz
- Undecided voter Kenneth Bone, hero of the presidential debates and fodder for many a meme and trivia team name


...but none of the above can be baked, so I made an apple pie!

Now, let's back up a step and dig into (pun intended) the origins of this apple pie. Over the past month or so I have been working my little booty off, traveling all around the US (and Canada!) for this little job of mine, and subsequently being removed from the Scones & Patron kitchen. Needless to say, when I finally had a weekend at home, I was HYPE.


My team and I left the office early on Friday, and I had only one thing in mind - apple pie. My parents had gifted me some apples that they had picked the prior weekend, I had a fresh block of butter in the fridge, and I was looking forward to a Friday night in. I would pop on a movie while the pie baked, share a slice à la mode with my roommate, and go to bed right when I would normally be taking tequila shots. Talk about a perfect night, right?!


I was halfway through 'What Women Want' (well worth the 5-star Netflix rating and slight embarrassment at watching a movie with that cheesy of a title) when texts started flooding my phone.

Dedicated to my night in, I shoved the encroaching FOMO to the back of my mind and focused on the budding romance between Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. One night in was all I needed, if I could just ignore... oh shit, who's calling me?
Jess - I am literally already wearing pajamas, my contacts are out, I am halfway through this movie...
Rachel - Be at Nellie's in 20 minutes.
Jess - ...fine.

I'm a hard sell.


Anyway, I went out, had a great time, and still managed to make it into bed by 1 AM. Success! And I must say, this pie was even better the next day than it would have been that night.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie


To make this pie, you will need:
- 1 batch of my all-butter pie crust
- 1 egg, beaten (for egg wash)
- Raw sugar, to sprinkle on top
Apple Pie Filling
- 6 medium apples (I used a blend of Macintosh and Granny Smith)
- 1/2 cup granulated sugar
- 2 T unbleached all-purpose flour
- 1 T cornstarch
- 1/2 t cinnamon
- 1/2 t apple pie spice
- 1/4 t ginger
- 1 lemon, juiced
Salted Caramel
- 6 T butter
- 1 cup granulated sugar
- 1/2 cup heavy cream
- 1 t sea salt


Tip: Grating your butter before adding it to your flour mixture will ensure that the butter gets worked in evenly and there are no big chunks!

To begin, prepare your pie dough. You can either use my favorite recipe or, if you're in a rush, use the store-bought kind - whatever works best! If you're making my recipe, you'll want to make it a couple hours in advance and let it rest in the fridge. While you're waiting for that time to pass, you can get started on the salted caramel and apple pie filling.

For the salted caramel, I pulled together this nifty video from my Snapchat story (follow me @jessiquinta) to demonstrate the process (and to make all my friends jealous) (and to document my ensuing night out). Essentially, you will heat the granulated sugar in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Once the sugar has fully melted, add the butter and stir until the whole thing has melted together. Remove the saucepan from the heat, then add the heavy cream. Stir this as it bubbles, then put back on the heat to finish combining. Finally, stir in the sea salt. Transfer to another bowl and set aside to cool. Now, it's time to move onto the apple pie filling!


The first thing you'll want to do here is wash and peel your apples. The last time I made an apple dessert (these insane gooey bars - recipe to come!), I cut the apples before I peeled them. DON'T BE LIKE ME. I nearly ripped my hands open trying to peel the cut apples. It was a fun time in my life.


Once your apples are peeled, core and slice them into pieces about 1/8th inch thick. You want them to be pretty small - after all, who wants a big chunk of apple in their pie? Not this girl.


In a large bowl, combine your sliced apples, lemon juice, and granulated sugar. Toss until coated, then add in the spices, flour, and cornstarch. Set this mixture aside, and grab your pie dough out of the fridge - it's time to roll this sucker out!


On a floured surface, roll one of the rounds out until it is big enough to fit in the bottom of your pie tin. Set it inside, gently pressing the dough into the edges of the pie plate with the edge of your thumb.

Carefully layer the apple slices into the pie crust, being sure to cover as much surface area as possible so that there are no gaps in the filling. Really heap the apples into the pan - no slice left behind! Finally, drizzle 1/2 cup of the salted caramel sauce onto the apple filling.


Roll out your top crust, and either do a fancy little lattice like I did, or do a solid top crust. If you opt for the latter, be sure to slice a few fancy little slits in the top crust to let steam escape! Regardless of what method you are using, crimp the edges of the top and bottom crust together firmly, then set the pie in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes.

Once the pie has chilled, preheat your oven to 425F. Use a pastry brush to brush your beaten egg over the top crust, and then give the top a hearty sprinkle of raw sugar. Place the pie tin on  baking sheet lined with aluminum foil, and put it on the bottom rack of the oven for 20 minutes.

Once those 20 minutes have passed, turn the oven temperature down to 375F. Rotate the pie, and let it bake for 35 more minutes. Once that's done, take your beautiful creation out of the oven, and let it cool for at least two hours before digging in. You did it! You made a pie!


For best results, serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and leftover salted caramel sauce. And Mel Gibson rom-coms. I hear they're all the rage these days.