Ginger Citrus Power Smoothie (Vegan + Gluten Free)

This smoothie combines the Vitamin C of an orange, potassium of a banana, anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric, and a whole host of other health benefits. A great way to start your day!

Is anyone else feeling personally victimized by the weekend? Idk about you but I just spent the past 48 hours sabotaging my health and happiness by living like a gluttonous asshole.

PS I'm blonde now hiiii

PS I'm blonde now hiiii

Yesterday began innocently enough - sipping a DC Brau by the pool at my friend Keegan's apartment building, playing DJ to 150 of my closest friends for the express reason that I wanted to play Despacito (Remix because J.Biebs duh) at least four times, and amassing a bevy of freckles on my shoulder. Our friends trickled out, and Keegan and I decided to pick up some wine and cheese, head to my house, and watch New Girl with our classy cheese plate.

But then, we decided on a whim to FaceTime our friend Josh, and our day took an immediate turn. You see, Josh was at Dacha Beer Garden, and invited us to join. Within minutes we were in an Uber, and within the half hour we each had a boot of beer in hand. We made a new friend Britt, and she bought us a round of shots - and joined us on our bar crawl when it was time to leave Dacha.

After a giant moscow mule at 801 and a drink (and NOT food) at Dino's Grotto, we made our way to my friend Steff's housewarming party, where I proved to be waaaay too drunk to excel at any sort of drinking game or casual conversation. I headed home to grab the mojito cupcakes I had made and ended up passing out and never making it back to the party. YAY JESS GO JESS!

And THIS is the series of events that led me to being awake at 7 AM and absolutely hating myself and everyone around me. Most of all, I hated that I had agreed to go to the gym with Steff. I needed something to revive me - and this smoothie was the perfect thing!*

*The smoothie helped slightly. I wanted to DIE during my workout, and then still felt quite ill at lunch at Lauriol Plaza until I was one plate of chilaquiles and two margaritas in.

In addition to being healthy, this sucker is also deliciouseasy, and you probably have all the ingredients on hand already! I think I know what you're having for breakfast tomorrow...

Ginger Citrus Power Smoothie

To make this smoothies, you will need:
- 1/2 navel orange
- 1 banana (either fresh or frozen)
- 1/2 inch ginger root
- 2/3 cup almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
- 1 t honey
- 1 t turmeric

As with most smoothies, the directions are super easy - place all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth!

Best served alongside a staggering amount of remorse, self-reflection, and Adele songs.