Drake on Cake: A Love Story

What's better than a cake? A cake with Drake lyrics on it! No matter what the occasion, there is a Drake lyric for it, and you can bet that lyric will wind up on some form of cake.

Happy Friday, guys!! How you livin'? (<-- shit my manager says and I have picked up which is fine because he's da best)

I've been in Canada all week, which is great because Drake is from Canada! (Excellent segway, right? #skillz). Now, if you dabble in the world of baking blogs any amount, you have undoubtedly heard of the lovely Joy the Baker. Joy is a SUPERSTAR: beautiful, hilarious, relatable, and with a serious set of baking talents. Joy, where do I sign up to become you?!

Earlier this year, Joy turned my whole entire world sideways and started an Instagram account called @drakeoncake. ARE YOU JOKING?! CAN YOU BE MORE PERFECT???

My inspiration

Now, being the bandwagoner/Drake fan that I am, I obviously had to get in on the action. I was super pissed off one night, and decided that a brownie cake would suffice as a Drake on Cake. I ran to the store, grabbed my ingredients, and whipped this baby up at the lovely hour of 11 PM:


Encouraged by the large number of likes this guy got on Instagram (despite the less than perfect decorating and god-awful lighting), I decided to try my hand at another, and brought this baby into the world:


Before I knew it, I was receiving lyric requests left and right. When 'Views' dropped, I had to turn my phone off for days at a time because people wouldn't stop sending me their favorite lines.


Birthday party? There's a Drake on Cake for that!


'Holiday' about 'love'? There's a Drake on Cake for that, too!


And, when my good friend Robby rolled off his terrible, horrible, no good-very bad project at work, and we used this as an excuse to throw a party, there had to be a Drake on Cake for that, of course...


Currently trying to brainstorm a way to fit "Chicken wings and fries, we don't go on dates" onto a heart-shaped cake, and ignoring the nagging voice in the back of my head that says Future on cake just isn't the same. IT'S A GREAT LYRIC, DAMN IT!


^^Sorry for calling you bitches, I love you, please come eat my cake.