Cranberry Goat Cheese Dip

Tart cranberries and creamy goat cheese combine to form the perfect dip for your Thanksgiving meal (or anytime!). Serve this dip up in a roasted acorn squash to ensure a photo-worthy presentation!

Cranberry Goat Cheese Dip.png

Bongiorno from Cortina d’Ampezzo! By my estimates *looks at watch I don’t have*, Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means that if you’re back in the States you’ve probably been planning your dinner party menu for weeks now, and I bet you’ve already started in on some dishes.

However, I implore you - no matter how many appetizers and sides you have planned, throwing in this Cranberry Goat Cheese Dip will be certain to please any crowd! (Except maybe those weirdos out there who don’t like goat cheese, to which I say, more for me!) That’s right, Nana’s sweet potato casserole* might be the talk of the town, but everyone will be singing a new tune when you bring this beautiful, creamy dip out to play.


*This Sweet Potato Streusel Casserole recipe IS dope though and I highly recommend it!

Also - if you’re wondering why this is inside an acorn squash - then I have a return question for you. Why not?! Acorn squash are delicious, seasonal and healthy, the presentation is beautiful, and I had an acorn squash I needed to use before I went to Italy. Priorities. But like, why should Panera bread bowls have all the fun?

So, pals - make this dip (if not for your meal, at least to spread on your morning bagel in place of cream cheese!), get on your stretchy pants, and if you’re in need of another side, may I recommend these all-time fave Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes? Because you can never get enough goat cheese.

Cranberry Goat Cheese Dip


To make this dip, you will need:
- 4 oz cranberry-coated goat cheese (Trader Joe’s for the win!!)
- 4 oz plain goat cheese
- 1/2 cup cranberry sauce of your choice (fresh preferred, but you can always use the standby can if that’s more your speed)
- Toppings, as desired - I think walnuts, scallions or pomegranate arils would be great additions!
- 1 acorn squash, halved, for serving

Ok y’all, making this dip could not be more simple. All you’re going to do is combine your goat cheeses and cranberry sauce and mix well! You can alter the amount of cranberry sauce to taste, depending on how thick (thicc?) you like your dips.

To roast your acorn squash, preheat your oven to 400F. Then simply halve your squash, brush it in olive oil, and throw into the oven for 20 minutes. Once time is up, flip the halves over and bake for 15-20 more minutes until fork tender. Easy peasy!


Spoon your dip into one half of the acorn squash and arrange it on a serving plate with whatever dippers you like - crackers, pita chips, pretzel crisps, even veggie slices would be phenomenal!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May it be a wonderful day spent with loved ones, and maybe also in a food coma on your uncle’s couch watching football. I’ll be back Friday with some Italian food porn for you!