Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling

Tender vanilla cupcakes are flavored with champagne, then filled with a homemade raspberry jam. A crown of champagne cream cheese frosting and a gummy bear garnish complete this dessert, perfect for your New Year's Eve party!

Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling.png

Omg, it's 2018 in 5 days and I don't know whether to be excited because nothing could be worse that 2017, or scared because that's what I thought when 2016 was ending and I was unemployed and moving out of my house and Donald Trump was about to be inaugurated. Lol, who knew!

Anyway, the dawn of a new year means the reappearance of my most love/hate holiday - New Year's Eve. Love because champagne, friends and "new beginnings" (whatever that means), hate because I always get too drunk during the day, cry, and grab a ride home from whatever overpriced open bar I'm attending before midnight #justjessethings.

Now, lest you think I'm joking and can't possibly be that much of a mess over the holidays, let's rewind to last year!

My friend Chris' best friend Molly was visiting for New Years, and she arrived a day early. Chris was working the overnight that evening, so he asked me* if I would hang out with Molly and take her out to bars. I obviously said YES YES YES and picked her up from Chris' place to pregame at my house.

*A strong point of contention with his girlfriend at the time who a) hates me and b) was mad that he asked me and not her to hang out with Molly. What can I say, I know how to show people a good time!

After a pregame at my college friend's place and 97 tequila gingers (not a thing) at Johnny Pistola's, we headed to the Jumbo Slice pizza place a block from Chris' house. All we had to do was get our pizza and walk a block. It was THAT simple.

Well, simple things never were my strong suit, and Molly and I ended up terribly, hopelessly lost. I called and cancelled 2 Ubers, she was in a bush at one point, and I kept tripping in my heels and falling, bruising and scraping up my knees terribly. We finally made it to Chris' house and passed out in his bed, which he was not happy with when he returned from his night shift.
C - Y'all need to get out of my bed.
M & J - Come cuddle!!!


After I finally dragged myself home and downed 3 Advil to ease my throbbing headache, I made these cupcakes! A true stroke of genius. Chris had invited me back over to a "party" they were throwing (his roommates, girlfriend and me), so I packed the cupcakes up with the leftover champagne and headed up his way... only to be intercepted by my friends Keegan and Rachel, who were heading to The Blaguard to watch the Georgia Tech game. Sports! I joined them, flirted with the bouncer and gave him a cupcake so I could bring in my champagne, and so our day of drinking began.

Keegan and I, flourishing.

Keegan and I, flourishing.

Blaguard + pregaming with Chris & co. is what led me to my own New Year's pregame, STARVING, drunk, and ready for pizza. My roommate Lexi ordered Domino's and we waited... and waited... AND waited some more for pizza that never came. @pizza delivery man, are you alive? Are you ok? Please give me a sign.



And here, my friends, comes the moral of the story: if you've dropped $100 on an open bar New Year's Eve ticket and you have a bunch of friends coming to visit from Georgia and plans to have a big night out, try not to drink everything and eat nothing (but a cupcake) during the day. Been there, done that, all that happens is you end up leaving the bar at 12:01 AM, calling an Uber, getting into a taxi instead, tripping up the stairs to your house, and getting mad at your snarky roommate for laughing at you for being home early.

VERY drunk.

VERY drunk.

That bitch.


Anyway, we're talking about cupcakes! The most delicious cupcakes ever because CHAMPAGNE is the featured flavor. Yassss. And they're simple! You'll start by whipping up a traditional vanilla cake that's moistened with Greek yogurt and flavored with your favorite champagne or $6 bottle of prosecco.


While the cupcakes are cooking (or up to 3 days before, if you're a planner, haha who does that though?) you'll make your easy, 3-ingredient raspberry filling and pop it into the fridge to chill.


Next, the frosting! Blend together cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and more champagne until you reach your desired flavor and consistency. Now, we'll bring it all together!


Cut a core in each cupcake using a paring knife (technique here), then pipe in raspberry filling using a pastry bag. Crown with a swirl of cream cheese frosting, then either serve as is or garnish with a champagne-flavored gummy bear you find in your baking cabinet! Or a regular gummy bear, or a raspberry. Voila! Cupcakes!

Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Filling

Have an amazing New Year, friends! May it be filled with champagne, cupcakes, friends, champagne, and tequila. And just remember - if it doesn't go as planned, just lie to people and tell them it was the best night of your life!