Blackberry Lime Margaritas

It's National Tequila Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a twist on a classic margarita that involves homemade blackberry purée, simple syrup, and a hefty dose of the good stuff? Whip up one (or more) of these and celebrate this important holiday in style!


WOOOOOAH BABY. See that puppy up there? LIFE. CHANGING.

Anyone who's anyone knows that this past Sunday was National TEQUILA Day. And by anyone, I clearly mean those who are as addicted to tequila as I am. Which is like, no one, because I believe I'm at the top of the tequila lovers list.

Please don't tell my dad. He worries.

ANYWAY. I felt like such a fraud because I actually didn't even know about this monumental holiday until the Friday before, when my friend Lipika snapchatted me a picture of an event and was like "did you create this holiday?"

Nah, girl, but I should have. I immediately responded "SO WE'RE DRINKING A LOT OF MARGS ON SUNDAY" and she was like "YEAH" and then I was super happy and excited! And started brainstorming a margarita recipe to pregame with.

...and so, these Blackberry-Lime Margs were born.

And! Bonus! When I went to my happy neighborhood liquor store, I picked up a bottle of El Jimador, and was about to check out when the cashier stopped me.
ABC Store Dude: NO! You are young beautiful lady! You deserve gift set! I give to you, same price!
J: Awesome you rock high five!
Dude: Are you even old enough to be in this store? You look 18!
J: Nope 22 gimme dat tequila
Dude: Would you like to meet and subsequently marry one of my many sons?
J: *grabbing tequila* *sprinting away* BYEEEEEEE

Fun times, fun times. Hey, I got the gift set! Same price!

Blackberry Lime Margaritas


To make these wonderful margaritas, you will need (for 3):
Blackberry Puree    
- 6 oz fresh blackberries
- 1 T water
- 1 T granulated sugar
- 6 oz tequila
- 3 oz Triple Sec (or Grand Marnier, if you fancy)
- 9 oz TJ's limeade (or lime juice + simple syrup + seltzer, but dude - TJ's owns my soul)
- Lime wedges and more blackberries, for garnish

First up! Blackberry puree. In a food processor or blender, combine the blackberries, water, and sugar. Blend this mixture up until smooth, 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Then, press this mixture through a fine mesh strainer to get all those pesky seeds out. I didn't do this the first time around, and I'm pretty sure I went to happy hour with seeds in my teeth. DON'T BE LIKE ME, CHILDREN.

Jk, you totally should be like me. I'm awesome.

(You can kick me, if you want.)

Moving on! You'll then combine this puree with the tequilaTriple Sec, and Limeade. You can use a shaker if you're fancy and have nice things. If you're like me and don't own cocktail-making supplies, you can dump it all in a solo cup and stir. #college


Salt yo' rims, pour the margarita over some ice, garnish with lime and blackberries and perhaps a lil' umbrella, and serve!

Basic snaps encouraged.

Also, then I went to happy hour with Lipika (YAY!) at Mission, and then this exchange occurred:


Hehehe. Thanks tequila ;)