Best of: January 2018

Check out everything we cooked, ate, read and did in January 2018.

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Hello, hello! Happy February!

I know I am not alone when I say that January felt like it lasted approximately 85 days. However, that's not a bad thing! I had an amazing and productive start to 2018, making it already better than January of last year, a month in which a) I left my job and became funemployed, b) Donald J. Cheeto was inaugurated as president and we bid a tearful farewell to Obama, and c) I moved out of my house in Columbia Heights and back in with my parents. Oh, and I got drunk every day for a week in Florida to relieve the pain of some pretty bad injuries. So, yeah, I would say this one has been a little better!

But now, the first monthly recap post of 2018! I took a brief hiatus from Scones in the middle of this month because of a liquid diet and being super busy at work and with my dating blog, Tinder District, but we still have much to go over! Starting with...


Hawthorne Valentines Day.png
  2. Helped pull off a wonderfully fun birthday party for my good friend Paniz, with the help of our friends Zac and Rachel.
  3. Was chosen to co-host the Valentine's Day event at Hawthorne!!!
  4. Got my first clothing sponsorship for Tinder District (PS - use code TINDER10 at Poppy Apparel Shop for 10% off the CUTEST clothes!).
  5. Partnered with Three Day Rule to do a series of blog posts about dating tips in the 30 days leading up to Valentine's Day.
  6. Appeared on the Under the Beltway Podcast.
  7. At work, I deployed two original videos that I've been working super hard on company-wide, and they were each a huge success!
  8. Completed a 30-day yoga challenge, and did yoga on the roof of Saufhaus with Mint. And then had 3 mimosas. Because life.
  9. Hosted trivia 9 times and on one of those occasions had drinks with my super hot substitute co-host afterwards. It was great! Our chemistry is great! ...and yet he hasn't texted me back, which is cool.
  10. Survived a 2 week liquid diet as a result of some dental work.


This month I finished Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity by Iliza Shlesinger, which was AMAZING. I laughed, I cried, I stayed on the elliptical 45 minutes longer than planned so that I could finish it. With titles like "How to Text a Man Without Throwing your Phone Through a Window" and "Sex: A Comprehensive Guide. JK, but I Did Write a Lot," what's not to love?!

Side note: A guy on Bumble told me he "wanted to read it to better understand the American Female Condition." Yep, all caps, just like that. Sorry, didn't realize being a woman was a disease.

I'm also working my way through The Influential Mind by Tali Sharot, and Available: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love and Brunch by Matteson Perry at the recommendation of the Why Oh Why? podcast. Both are excellent and I highly recommend them!

In terms of things I've read online, I'm particularly obsessed with this piece by Jenna Birch titled "My Theory on Men's Commitment Issues." It's a great, quick read, and I have Jenna's new book, The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life and Love, queued up on my Kindle and ready to go!


Finally, here are my favorite things from this month!

HIIT Workouts

I used to do HIIT workouts every. single. day. in high school and college, but the past couple years I've been super focused on strength workouts. Well, I've realized I feel best when I'm doing a blend of mostly yoga and HIIT with some steady state cardio and heavy weights thrown in, so I'm back to the HIIT!

My favorite places to find HIIT workouts are the Bodyrock and Christine Salus Youtube channels, and I just finished Yoga with Adriene's 30-day TRUE yoga challenge. Highly recommend them all!

Alone Together

Have y'all checked out Alone Together on Freeform/Hulu yet? It. Is. HYSTERICAL. They're 3 episodes in, and I wait for every new episode with baited breath. JK, I binge Broad City in between. It's a great life.


This raspberry-blood orange parfait. Come to MAMA.

Salted Pretzel and Stout BrowniesMaking these for the superbowl!

Jess always has the best recipes for everything but this Kombucha Sangria is screaming my name.

...ok, and her Champagne Caramel Krispie Treats. How do you know what I'm thinking, Jess??

Whew, before I start posting every How Sweet Eats recipe EVER MADE, I'd better head out. How was your January?? Leave a comment and let me know your favorite part!