Best of: February 2018

Check out everything we cooked, ate, read and did in February 2018.

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Hi! Holy cow, y'all, it's freaking March 13th (and will be March 14th in uh... 12 minutes? Why am I awake) and I'm just getting to writing my February in review post? Y I K E S. Talk about a rough couple of weeks!

And, I won't even lie - the only reason I'm getting around to writing this now (as I listen to Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast. Quality entertainment, to be sure) is because I'm currently laid up in bed with strep throat. UGH. I guess this is what I get for, as my dad says, "burning the candle at both ends" over the past month. Let's recap what my weeks have looked like:
Monday: Gym! Work! Date! Bachelor! Sleep.
Tuesday: Gym! Work! Host trivia! Sleep.
Wednesday: Gym! Work! Work event! Date! Sleep.
Thursday: Gym! Work! Host trivia! Go out! Sleep.
Friday: HUNGOVER. Snooze button x8. Work! Gym! Go out, go out, go OUT! Uber Eats! Sleep.

Aaaand add a weekend of shenanigans, and repeat. Yeesh. Like, I freaking LOVE my life, and I love having a social life that is built into my standard commitments (trivia & work events), but this shit is TIRING, Y'ALL!

Also, I've been trapped in a weird pattern of week-long relationships (where I'll have a really good date on Monday, talk to them nonstop and have a couple more dates during the week, then end things by the next Monday because I'm not feeling it or because they're a real psychopath) and it's just very unlike me (I usually hate everyone after the first date!!) and it's really throwing me off.

TL;DR: 2018 is weird.

Well, weird or not, I'm still baking and cooking! And doing life and reading internet things and such. So, let's see what we did in February 2018!


  1. Hosted an incredibly fun Valentine's Day event at Hawthorne that was filled with friends, love and Deep Eddy's Grapefruit & soda (better than love). Oh, and Jimmy John's.
  2. Appeared on the Under the Beltway podcast and attended their Valentine's Day event at Baby Wale, which was SO FUN and had the world's best veggie sushi that my friend Steff and I managed to keep entirely to ourselves, muahaha.
  3. Got REAL vulnerable and honest about my Date Lab experience in this Tinder District post.
  4. Watched the Super Bowl at a friend's party, managed to contract food poisoning which then turned into the flu, but then recovered and lived to tell the tale.
  5. Wrote a whole freaking season of Bachelor and Bachelor Winter Games recaps without throwing my TV out the window of my row house out of frustration with the human garbage can that is Arie Luyendyk Jr.
  6. Hosted trivia 8 times because trivia is my freaking life, y'all.


love gap.jpg

I finished The Love Gap by Jenna Birch and it is WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST book on relationships I've ever read. And this is coming from a girl who fangirl-ed so hard over Date-onomics that she cried when it was over (on a plane) (I am embarrassing). 

Since I've finished that, I've been reading a bunch of different books:


Here are the things I'm loving this month!

305 Fitness



Ok, sorry for the caps - but for real, if you live in DC (or LA, Boston, or New York) and you like working out or dancing or having FUN, you have to try out 305 Fitness. You won't regret it. Check out my full review here, and book your first class STAT.

Broad City

I'm like.. not like Abbi or Ilana... but at the same time I'm just like the best parts of both of them and it's really great. Did that sound conceited? I'm too sick and tired to care. WATCH BROAD CITY!!!


Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake. Not entirely sure this is real but the only way to know is to try!

I will never, ever need a boyfriend or Valentine so long as I have these Strawberry Rosé Profiteroles.

Easy Green Curry Noodles. I literally adore anything with the name 'Easy' in the title, but throw in 'Curry' and 'Noodles' and I am DROOLING.

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse Tartlets. OK I HAVE NO WORDS. NO WORDS NEEDED.

Alrighty, I'm off to sleep in my heavily medicated slumber, dreaming of Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse Tartlets. Night all! Happy March!!