2017 Year in Review

2017 has been quite the year, from the political climate to pop culture and here, my own life and Scones recipes! Read on for a month-by-month summary of the best recipes I made this year.


Guys! Is Monday really 2018?! The past 363 days have simultaneously seemed like both the longest and shortest days of my life, and I'm honestly not quite sure whether I'm excited or scared about what this new year will bring. What I'm sure of, though, is that this will be an amazing year for Scones & Patron! Many, many more recipes, travel reviews, and the introduction of restaurant reviews and interviews with local food business owners. Add to that a new, compact and printable recipe format, and it looks like this will be an exciting year!

One of the best things (and main reasons) I love writing here on Scones is as a sort of diary, somewhere I can spill my soul, record my adventures, and come back to reflect. Well, there's no better time for reflection than the closing of a year, so let's explore what happened in 2017 - along with the most popular recipe from each month!



Fudge Ganache Brownies (Vegan & Gluten Free)

I officially left my first adult job on January 3rd (!!!), beginning my 3.5 month stretch of funemployment. I kicked this off with a much-needed vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys with my friend Keegan. We drank, we swam, we befriended bar owners, I sang on a booze cruise, I bartended on a booze cruise, I was banned from booze cruises. It was truly heaven.

...and then we got back and Donald J. Cheeto was inaugurated! Hahahahaha save us. But then there was a super cool women's march and I saw Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson and Gloria Steinem! And then I moved out of my first house in DC and back in with my parents...



Maple Snickerdoodle Cookies

...For 15 days! In mid-February I took a chance on a group of Craigslist randos and ended up in the little rowhouse above a liquor store in Dupont that I now call home. I also took a part-time job at LOFT in Dupont, because something has to pay the bills! 

Haha jk I spent my entire paycheck on clothes and booze every time. I'm fine. I also started dating a gentleman that I referred to only as "Chicago Boyfriend" (never by his name) for the entirety of the 6 months we were seeing each other, which I've heard is the hallmark of a healthy relationship. AND I met my best friend Kelsey on Bumble BFF! What a great month for relationships even though I was still hopelessly alone on Valentine's Day.



Herbed Edamame Dip (Gluten Free)

March was a big month for our friend group, as we a) continued to adopt Kelsey as one of our own, b) introduced the concept of a bendy straw walkie talkie into our everyday attire, and c) hosted the inaugural Alamo MASS (Morning After Sloshy Saturday) brunch! And boy, did we brunch.

I also started my new job (FINALLY), and we celebrated Kelsey's birthday at El Rey, Dirty Bar, Johnny Pistola's, and every other bar in the city. This reminds me, Johnny Pistola's still has a faux fur vest I got at Goodwill that Kelsey stashed there. Plz deliver to me with a frozen marg, thanks!



Caprese Avocado Toast

SCONES CELEBRATED ITS FIRST BIRTHDAY! It was SO exciting, we celebrated with a cake and there was a party and people and we all had a glorious time. We also spent a lot of time this month drinking champagne on rooftops, because we are truly living our best lives. Come to think of it, April was a fantastic month, except for the part where Kelsey and I got banned from Stoney's for life. But THAT, my friends, is a very different story for a very different day!



Classic Tiramisu

May! What a glorious, warm month. So, so warm. Can you tell I'm shivering under 2 comforters rn? Just checking!

The first most important thing that happened in May was Cinco de Mayo, duh. My friend group made the mistake of doing El Centro brunch the day after cinco (seis!), not thinking that the bar might have, I don't know, run out of tequila and be serving margs that were straight sour mix, that would be crazy! Ha ha ha!!

I also convinced a man hosting a birthday party for his daughter at Johnny Pistola's that I was a professional pastry chef and needed to taste test every cake in DC for market research so that he would give me a slice of birthday cake at the bar. Girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, y'all.

May was also Accenture prom where I made a splash by bringing the above tiramisu on the bus. I also stepped on Kelsey's foot and broke her shoe on the way to Cobalt, and drank a bottle of wine out of a water bottle in Meridian Hill park on Memorial Day like a complete hobo #goals. I am starting to realize that warm temperatures really bring out my degenerate side.



Roasted Vegetable and Potato Skillet (Vegan & Gluten Free)

June started with DC pride aka the most wonderful time of the year! I didn't eat or cook much during the 3 days of pride, but I did Irish exit a parade and Uber Eats a bagel to my house, so at least I have that going for me. Oh, and I saw Tinashe and MILEY CYRUS from the 3rd row of the VIP section thanks to a random Tinder guy Riley found! Dreams do come true.

The next weekend I both went blonde and attended a fake wedding cake tasting as a 3rd date, complete with fake engagement ring and extensive back story. As one does. Wow, June was quite the doozy, wasn't it? I also tried to get a guy I used to date to venmo me $500 but accidentally said 500 rubles which is like 35 cents, so that was disappointing. But Steff moved into my neighborhood, which was exciting! So, yep, that's June in all it's glory.


IMG_5396 (1).jpg

Nectarine Pesto Pizza

I'm still not sure how my body survived the first week of July, but it did, so I'm just going to choose to be grateful. My friends Steff, Kelsey, Rachel and I kicked things off on July 1 with the Red, White and Brew Beerfest at Yards Park, where we proceeded to get caught in a monsoon, hide under a porch in an incredibly sketchy neighborhood in SW, and then drink our sorrows away at Cantina Marina. Ah, youth.

July 2nd was brunch at Masa 14 with a large group of friends cobbled together from different friend groups, and then it was 4 (!!) pitchers of sangrita swirl at Lauriol Plaza, and then Kelsey and I went to a happy hour "sponsored" by some sugar daddy who was in love with her. Yay!

On July 3rd, I laid in bed and prayed for death.

...but then it was the 4th! We threw a huge party, there was a pie, I made many friends, I got kicked off the roof of a building for not having a wristband, etc. It was grand, and the perfect way to ensure I was incredibly hungover for my Washington Post Date Lab date the next day!

...so yeah, then I went on a Date Lab date, and... well, we'll get back to this in August. Other things that happened in July: I started my partnership with Glen's Garden Market (see - above pizza, below galette) and published my first ever travel post when I took some PTO to visit Charlottesville! And I binge watched Love Connection on a weekly basis because that's just the life I have chosen to live. Judge me.



Peach Blackberry Galette

Ah, August 2017, the month of my first ever media scandal! Aka the month where I got more fan mail and unwanted invitations for dates from creepy older men than I've ever dreamed of, but also had (at least) two hate blogs published about me and spent three nights crying at a bar. Thanks, Washington Post Date Lab!

For real though, this media scandal really changed my life. I discussed it here and on two podcasts that have yet to be released, so if you choose to follow along, be ready to be taken on quite the ride!

Post-media scandal, I celebrated my best friend Amanda's birthday by inadvertently sabotaging her tube we went tubing at Harpers Ferry, and I took a trip to Charlottesville with my friend Matt to help my friend Madison move in for her last year at UVA. A phenomenal end to the summer and to my 23rd year of life!

...except that Kelsey sadly moved to Kansas City in August. But I also got really drunk at brunch one day and bought a plane ticket to go see her, so we got to explore the city and scare everyone off! Good times, good times.



Spiced Chickpea Power Bowls (Vegan & Gluten Free)

September 8th is my birthday so obviouslyyyy I made this whole month about me!! Haha. JK!... mostly.

I spent the beginning of September in Jones Gap, SC on a Labor Day hiking trip with friends, and then celebrated my birthday with as much Lauriol Plaza as my body would allow. I also drove to Charlottesville AGAIN for a recruiting trip, because apparently I live there now? Ugh, a girl can dream.

I closed out the month with a Kesha concert and my first-ever trip to Nashville, and immediately decided I needed to move there. No questions asked, bye. Anyone know a company in Nashville that's hiring?!



Spicy Quinoa Chili (Vegan & Gluten Free)

October is every thot's favorite month because a) Halloween and b) ACL. Not in that order, of course, because ACL came first, but you get it. This was my 2nd year at the festival, and it was immensely better than the first. We had an incredible group of people, the performers blew us away (The Killers! Red Hot Chili Peppers! Jay Z!!) and the weather could not have been more perfect. Take me back!

Post-ACL brought Halloween festivities, including Top Golf for Keegan and Matt's birthday, and Kelsey visiting for the long weekend! We had the most amazing time reuniting and visiting our old haunts, and I was so happy to see her for 4 days. Kelsey, can you move back ASAP please? Thanks!



Cranberry Almond Scones

In November I went to Italy for the first time with my friend Candice and her family (Venice and Cortina d'Ampezzo food reviews), so that was obviously the only important thing that happened, moving on!

Oh, I guess I also attended a murder mystery party where I knew no people, met the cast of Book of Mormon at JRs on a random Monday night when I decided to go out, and saw my comedy idol Iliza Schlesigner perform at the DC Improv?? Why yes, I guess so! NOW moving on for real.



Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with Baileys Mousse Filling

And here we are! December 2017. This month has been pretty low key as the weather has been absolutely horrific (sometimes I dream about being able to feel my ears on the walk to the gym) and as I've been heads down getting some work-work and blog-work done, but it's still been a great month! Amanda and I won a cookie contest with those babies up there ^^, I attended like 986 holiday parties, my friend Molly came to visit, and now I'm looking forward to my friend Melanie visiting for this weekend to ring in the New Year!

2017 was great, but 2018 will be even better! I'm excited to see everything you are working towards, so please email me (jesse@sconesandpatron.com) or message me on Instagram if you ever have a recipe or feature you would like to see, or if you'd just like to grab coffee and chat! Happy New Year, friends!